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Top Holiday Tips For Your Reading Lessons

The excitement in our students builds at this time of year, so you want to make sure you have a few tips in your pocket to handle any behavior issues that may arise. Students might be coming to you a little more tired than usual from all of the holiday activities they are attending. Changes to their routines also means that they could be irritable or have A LOT of energy.

We are all looking forward to our holiday break so we can take time to rest, but while we wait, we can have ways to help make the wait time a little calmer for ourselves and our students. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Problem #1: Students Keep Asking When The Lesson Will Be Over

Are you starting to hear your students say, "Are we done yet?" or "Can I go now?" Kids are excited this time of year. They want to play with new toys or with family that might be visiting. Try writing the schedule down, and every time you finish a section of the lesson, let the student draw a Holiday item. Keep it simple, like a present, Christmas tree, or snowman.

Problem #2" Students Are Bored

Try turning reading words into a game. Grab these fun editable word cards from the 12 days of giveaways. These snow day bonus cards can be turned into a movement break with online students who can throw fake snow balls. ❄️ For your in-person students, have some fun with cotton balls as snowballs. They don't hurt anybody! Just don't forget to get the fuzz out of your hair. 😉

Problem #3: Students Want To Use The Tools

Decide on a certain number of words or sentences that the student will read, for example read three, decorate a tree. This can be used for any part of the lesson, and it can be used in-person or online. I like to draw mine under the document camera for online lessons.

Problem #4: Students Are Extra Wiggly

Take a break! Have a holiday play list ready to go. Then, pop on the music, and the student will love the movement break! You also stay in control of how long it lasts.

I hope these simple behavior tips will help you get through the lead up to the holiday season. Follow me on Instagram for more tips and strategies for online and in-person reading lessons.

Happy Holidays!

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