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Why you should try a code phrase

Do you notice how easily our wiggly readers 📚 can wiggle right out of the screen? You might find yourself saying, “Sit Up!”, “Where Did You Go?,” and “Stop Leaning Over”. These phrases will engage you in a power struggle with a student and leave you pleading for the student to show up in the video.

Code Phrases for Behavior Management

A code phrase is a predictable phrase that you can repeatedly use to redirect behavior. If you have younger students, try this little song:

Head and shoulders, neck, and face Neck and face Head and shoulders, neck, and face Neck and face Eyes and ears and a smile and your nose Head and shoulders, neck and face, online we go

Once you introduce the song, you can shorten it to a code phrase. You could say, “Head, shoulders, neck, and face. Is Melanie in her place?” If your students are older, try this phrase: “body check, friend”.

Avoid this ➡️

Use a code phrase

This works as a code phrase to get your students to sit up and be alert. Explain that when we sit up, we work better. Try to practice these code phrases on the first day, or it’s never too late to reset. Use these code phrases, and you’ll be able to say goodbye to “Slumpy Sammy”.

More Low-Tech Resources

Get a guide to all my favorite resources to teach reading the low-tech way! Grab your free resource guide HERE!

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