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Top Teacher Gifts to Ask For This Christmas

Is it ever too late to make a Christmas list?

I don't think so! 😊 If I was teaching online, there are some things that I would want on my Christmas list especially if I'd been a good girl and extra nice this year. 😉 This week, I'm going through some top gifts that online teachers and tutors should definitely add to their Christmas list!

Usually, electronics seem to always make it on everyone's list each year. This is the first gift category that I am talking about this week. One thing I always share with my teachers is to keep it super simple. You don't need two monitors to successfully teach online. You don't need extra devices if you are only teaching one-on-one.

Top Electronic Gifts For Online Teachers

1. The most expensive thing to invest in would be the Surface Pro. I have even heard that a new one has been released. If you were considering being an online tutor, a Surface Pro is the way to go. A Surface Pro works as a tablet and a laptop! It's really easy to annotate on the screen, works nicely with a document camera, and minimizes your need for other supporting electronics. If you're getting the Surface Pro, you also might want to get the charging port that has additional USB connections. The Surface Pro saved me during my transition to online teaching.

2. We don't need a lot to start up to be a successful, online tutor, but you might want to invest in a good printer. That way you can print out your activities, keep it engaging, and pop them under the document camera. Any Epson printer with a set of ink tanks, like the eco-tank, is going to be a good choice. If you want to make games and save them for later, make sure you get a printer with card stock printing ability.

3. I've talked about the document camera at length. Here is the link to the webinar about it which will be available until December 11. It tells you all about the features that make it such a great document camera. Here's the link to the InSwan. I would definitely put one on your Christmas list if you're an online reading tutor and you don't have a document camera that you're happy with.

Best Materials For Online Teachers

There are plenty of materials that we can use to teach online. We can grab our favorite TpT materials or a favorite program. I'm going to share my favorite materials that can be used to teach online.

1. Wilson and Fundations: I love the Wilson program! It includes work cards. I love the magnetic Letterboard! I also use the Wilson readers to practice decodable sentences. Wilson keeps it really easy to implement OG instruction because it uses a sequential system.

2. Lively Letters: I love the Lively Letter cards and so do my kids! They love the visuals and love to replicate the drawings. I particularly found it useful as I finish my practice online because every card shows what the positioning of the mouth should look like. When using video, it is great to hold up the cards so the kids can really see the sounds.

3. Handwriting Without Tears: It is an affordable program that includes multiple books to practice printing and handwriting in a sequence that makes sense for a student. It's affordable if you want to share with parents, and it's easy to learn and teach if you're working with really young ones.

Favorite Organization Items For Teachers

1. Card Holder: I can't say enough about the card holder. It's a perfect prop to make engaging lessons. It also helps you prep. If you're overwhelmed with that pocket chart, I would put this on your list.🎄

2. Monitor Stand for document camera: Sometimes a document camera can be a little bit tricky, so it helps to have it elevated. Try this document camera monitor stand. I love how you can hide cords and also store your cards and things underneath for easy access. You can also DIY this with a couple of pieces of wood. Paint your favorite message on it! 🎨

3. Plastic Bins from Michael's: If you don't have them on your Christmas list, now is the perfect time to head to Michael's and get some plastic bins to really amp up your organizational space. I love the photo cases! The containers are perfect to hold word cards, game cards, or sound cards. I also love this plastic case which is adjustable.

Is it ever too late to make a Christmas list? I would love to know what's on your teacher's wish list this year if you're an online teacher. Comment below and share!

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Have a great week!


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