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Tuesday Tips: How To Help Struggling Students With Online Learning

This week, Tuesday Tips will help you make one small change for your students that will help them with these frustrating moments.

Click below👇to hear more. You can also click on the video to watch it full screen. 😉

Not only will your students be less frustrated, but it also takes them one step closer to being independent and successful onscreen. Have questions? Ask me HERE. I'd love to help!

More Ways To Be Successful Teaching Online

Want to take another step towards being successful teaching or tutoring online? Join me April 25 for an Intro To Teaching On Zoom workshop. You will learn:

  • How to use video effectively

  • What settings are essential

  • What you need to take control of your lesson from the start

  • Behavior systems that work

One-on-One coaching spots are still available! If you're still feeling overwhelmed with tech, having issues with student engagement, or need a specific question answered, let's chat. Sign up HERE.

Have a great week!

Michelle ❤️

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