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Hi, friends! Today starts a new chapter in my tutoring business. I am beginning this blog where I can share my story and my journey and help others start their own journey towards the freedom I found when I began tutoring on my own. I'll use this space to also share tips and strategies that can help you support struggling students. Join my email community where I share more strategies and free resources. Keep reading to find out how to sign up.

How It All Started

One day I was in the classroom teaching struggling students as a special educator, and the next day I was on sick leave. That was literally how my journey began. I fully expected to return to my classroom and my students, but that didn't happen. I needed to put my health first and that meant finding another way to continue teaching.

I sought out ways to earn a living while staying in the educational field. I became a reading tutor for companies that did not have my best interest at heart. I loved helping my students. I loved working with families and watching their children succeed with my help. I was making a difference in their lives but not in my health.

I thought I would see improvement in my health by being out of the classroom, but I was still struggling. The stress of meeting tutoring demands was dreadful. I routinely got stuck in traffic which meant I was late to tutoring appointments.

It was also not financially worth it to use Ubers to get across town to clients. I was using the money I made tutoring to pay for transportation and snacks for my kids. I also was not taking in what families were paying for my work. Tutoring companies take a large chunk of that. Families were also struggling meeting the demands of being tutored. The tutoring companies scheduled students' lessons during prime, after-school activity time. The students weren't happy missing out on their sports and clubs. This hurt teacher-student engagement.

One day, I realized that something had to change. I was stressed from the tutoring demands of working for someone else, my health still was not improving like I wanted, and my dear dog had passed away. It was time.

I began searching for answers and finally found one! 😊 Why not tutor through my own company? From there, everything seemed to fall into place.

New Beginning

I set up a tutoring-office area in my home and started searching for clients. Seek and they will come! And, boy, did they. But, it wasn't easy and it took a lot of work.

Now, I tutor struggling students with reading and spelling. I teach online as a dyslexia practitioner and have attained Level 1 Wilson Certification. I also provide workshops for parents to support early literacy and math learning within their homes.

Supporting Students & Teachers

I love to create games and activities that can be used by other teachers in and out of the classroom. This week I created a fun, spring activity to use with students to help their reading skills. (If you're an email subscriber, you'll receive the activity for free this week 😊) I think it is important to engage students in multi-sensory learning, and I always include movement options with my activities.

This is my office now, and I worked hard for it. I have also found a new area to help others: coaching and supporting educators who want to tutor online and in person. Would you like to do what I do? Click here to sign up for a free workbook that will start you on your own journey.

Thank you for reading today! Check back next week when I will share strategies to help you engage more with your students. Don't forget to sign up to download the free activity this week and be on the email list to receive updates on new posts.

Keep engaging students wherever they are learning and teach how you love!

Until next week...

Michelle @ReadtoRewire.com

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