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Top Three Reasons To Avoid Game Apps Or Websites During 1:1 Reading Lessons

Do you use game sites with your students for your reading lessons? Do you have a back-up plan if the site is down? This week, I'm sharing top reasons why you might want to avoid game apps and websites during your reading lessons. I also have a FREE Veterans Day game to share with you.

#1 Reason To Avoid Game Apps: Kids Love Playing With You And It Strengthens Your Relationship

There’s less opportunity to play with the students if you use a website for your games. I’ve heard some students can get bored and don’t feel like it’s a game because they are playing by themselves. Does this happen with your students? Grab some of your favorite games to play with your student and you’ll be surprised at how quickly their confidence increases and their connection with you grows.

#2 Reason To Avoid Game Apps: You Might Be Replaced

I share this in coaching classes. You want to stay central to controlling the lesson and making it fun. If you overload your lessons with pre-made apps or game sites as a tutor, you're giving parents a reason to question how much they really need you. If they buy those apps or subscribe to sites themselves, they can decrease your hours and save themselves money. You can tell parents that these things are great activities to share for at-home practice.

#3 Reason To Avoid Game Apps: That Darn Remote Control

Most sites involve sharing the remote control. This can either go really smoothly or it can cause frustration for the student! It also gives them complete control of the screen. This works really well for some students who you have developed a great rapport with, but others may have difficulty using the remote control. Students then struggle with restraining from using it inappropriately which causes behavior issues or a break in the flow of your lesson.

The best thing about refraining from apps and websites is that you probably already have amazing materials on your shelves such as board games, cards, and other fun materials that you can quickly turn into a game.

And if you don’t, no worries. I have you covered! For winter and holiday season board games with editable cards and ways to make spelling fun, join this webinar and get a FREE game bundle and recorded live presentation on everything you need to know to drop quick games or movement-based activities into any part of your structured literacy lesson.

Here's a free Veteran's Day game for you to use with your students! Click HERE for the FREE GAME! See how easy and fun this game is in your structured literacy lesson, and then click HERE to join us for the Games & Movement Webinar. See you Friday at the webinar!

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