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Top Materials to Purchase for Summer Tutoring

Hi, friends!

Did you know that it doesn't have to be pricey to start your tutoring business? Well, this week I am chatting about the must-have materials that I would suggest to new tutors when starting a tutoring business. These are also materials I would require for any tutors that worked for me. These will help you be effective online with your lessons and your students.

I'm going to list my top three things that I purchased for my tutoring business that are my must-haves. I'm also going to list them by price points to make it easier to choose if you have limited funds. 😉

If I Had $20...

This poker card holder will help you prep and deliver engaging lessons with your students. It's so easy to manipulate your word or sound cards. I also love to add in some fun tapping with my wand. The kids love this!

I get so many questions about this card holder. This is a holder meant for children who can't quite yet hold their own game cards in their hands. It also helps adults when playing card games with lots of cards to hold. For Wilson or OG teachers, it is the perfect blending board. It helps us move through a lesson and easily prep because of the number of cards it holds with the number of slats available. Whether you use it to prep for lessons in advance or use it as your favorite product in any of the unlimited ways, you will love it! It is the best $20 that I have spent on materials for my tutoring business. Here's the link.

If I Had $100...

Hands-down, this is the best document camera I have found. With summer approaching, this document camera can go anywhere. It literally fits into your favorite purse. If you're going from office to home or on vacation, it fits perfectly in a purse or carry-on. Remember, tutoring online means that you can teach from anywhere, so you want materials that travel easily. 😊

The InSwan camera is the one that I recommend! It has allowed me to seamlessly use any material from my bookcase and add them to my lesson. This includes all of my games that I make. It also encourages me to make more games for my students. My students and I play TicTacToe, or we categorize things according to syllable type.

Some of the InSwan features that I love are the ability to zoom in and out with a touch of the mouse, the auto focus, taking a picture, freezing the content using zoom tools, and being able to maintain video. I love that it's engaging while also allowing me to have free use of my hands during lessons. Here's the link.

If I Had More Than $100...

The Surface Pro:

I would next invest in a Surface Pro if I had more than $100 to spend. I know it's a big purchase, but my business changed when I started using it.

I remember exactly when and how I got it. November 2018, Black Friday, Christmas Shopping. My mother actually got this for me to start my online tutoring business.

Apple lovers? Hear me out. The Surface Pro is amazing for online teaching. It is a tablet and a computer. Unlike the iPad Pro, you can maintain video without external devices. It has a USB port and an option for another larger USB port.

My favorite feature is that you can write on the screen with a stylus which makes it so easy to have teachable moments when you share your screen. For example, if you go to the document camera or any site, video is maintained easily, and it is an easy way to upscale your business. If you're ready to invest in your business, invest in technology.

I hope this blog post helps you as you begin your journey tutoring online. Maybe you already are tutoring. If so, these are great investments to move your business forward while engaging with your students in an effective manner.

Stay tuned next week when I will share DIY tips and ways to find free materials. Let me know if you have any of these products and how you like and use them.

Have great week!


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