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Top 3 Questions for a Reading Tutor

Hi, friends! Are you almost finished with your school year? So many of you have reached out and let me know that you are only weeks away from summer break. 😊

The Read to Rewire community is also asking lots of questions lately on becoming an online tutor. This time of the year usually brings much more attention to my job as a reading tutor. Many of you reach out this time of year to inquire about how I teach online... and how you can do it too!

So, this week I am chatting about the top questions that I get asked about being a reading tutor and answering them with the hopes that you can transition to one this summer too.

Question #1: Will I still teach online?

This one is simple. Yes, I will continue to teach online. It gives my students and their families the flexibility of being where they want to be. It also provides me the same flexibility. If I want to visit family, I can do that...anytime of year. Teachers don't need to be chained to their classroom or desk. You can be an effective teacher online.

I also was teaching online before the pandemic. I started teaching regularly online the summer of 2019. It happened because my tutoring students went to their grandparent's for the summer or their families went to their lake house on vacation. Students, especially ones who are struggling readers or dyslexic, need to keep up the continuity of services.

Question #2: Do I have to work for a company?

No, and I wouldn't advise it. This is especially true for companies who take large portions of your tutoring income. There are many students and families who need help out there. Start with your own community. I prefer to pay a fee to a website once a month or a standard flat fee versus a portion of my wages every single time I tutor for a company.

I've gotten quite a lot of great clients from Start this summer by getting a profile and uploading a short video and picture of yourself on their site. If you want more details about what to include or some other great sites, DM or email me. I can provide you a list of companies that won't take all of your money from you. The best part, you can work from anywhere this summer.

Question #3: Do I need to have a license to practice as a dyslexia practitioner?

This is dependent on the parents' needs and the qualifications that they are seeking. A dyslexia practitioner is a sought after certification by many parents whose kids are struggling with dyslexia. There are also a lot of opportunities in the science of reading community with children who are beginning readers and in the area of early literacy itself. These children don't necessarily have dyslexia but need that breakdown of phonetic sequential instruction. You can make teaching these children engaging and fun with multi-sensory lessons. If you are a reading specialist, teacher, or dyslexia practitioner, there's a job out there for you this summer. Let me help you find it.

If you want more help on advertising your teaching service and getting the pay that you deserve, send me a DM or email. I'll make sure I help you get started on your summer tutoring journey. You can especially get one-on-one advice by scheduling a coaching call. Click here to schedule yours. If you get a friend to book, you get your next coaching call at 50% OFF! Email me with any questions.

I hope this answers your top questions you have about being a reading tutor online. Comment below with any other questions or tips about online tutoring. Summer is almost here, and it's a great time to make the transition to online tutoring.

Have a great week!


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