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No matter where you are in your journey, you will become more effective in setting up the online teaching space,
choosing materials for student success, and
supporting struggling students through an engaging, multi-sensory approach with minimal tech.
This is coaching designed to meet your individual needs.


Who this is for...

You've dreamed about teaching online, but you don't want technology to take away from the learning. Maybe you want to travel, visit family, or just teach from home. As an online instructor, maybe you are struggling to engage with your toughest students

Whether you're...

  • a dyslexia practitioner wanting to take your teaching online

  • an early learning teacher struggling to engage with young students online

  • a teacher who has retired, or is about to, but still would like to make extra money tutoring online

  • a reading teacher frustrated with the amount of technology you're using

  • an online tutor or teacher struggling with student behavior problems or supporting students with ADHD

  • OG practitioners who want to maintain multi-sensory methods online

You're in the right place, and I'm going to guide and support you through real-world examples, list of tools that you will actually use, breakdowns of lessons to engage your students, and how to teach reading online in a multi-sensory, minimal-tech approach.


By the end of your coaching call(s),

you will:

✅ Have a clear idea of how you can teach or tutor online.

✅ Be able to turn your lessons into engaging activities to reach even your toughest students.

✅ Know how to gain respect from your students and their families from the beginning.

✅ Teach effectively with minimal tech.

✅ Use movement in your lessons.

✅ Take back control when student behaviors interfere with learning.

✅ Know the tools you need for online success.

✅ Know how to set up your teaching space for effective teaching and minimal stress.

✅ Effectively teach students with dyslexia, ADHD, and struggling readers.

Each coaching call is unique and tailored to each teacher's needs. Personalization will be based on a questionnaire prior to coaching so each call is effective and provides the ideal support for each individual client.

Pencil and notepad

Michele A.

Working with Michelle was like finding that perfect teammate you can collaborate with and laugh with along the way.

We had thoughtful, meaningful conversations mixed with many lighthearted moments that made me wish the coaching session would never end. Michelle gave me many great ideas that were also a springboard for further thinking and planning on my own after our meeting. I look forward to working with Michelle in the future. She's so relatable and instantly makes you feel like you've been friends for years!

Star Badge

Andrea C.

She's made all of this... doable!

Michelle is helping me teach how I love to teach (just like she says!): by connecting with kids and focusing on what they need in a targeted way.



Typing on a Computer

Peggy L. T. 

I had a great session with Michelle today!


She gave me lots of good advice for distance learning. She presented several options and has real world experience using the tools and working with children remotely. Thank you Michelle for all your help!

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