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Top Items You Want On Your Back-To-School Shopping List For Successful Spelling Lessons

Teachers love to shop during back-to-school time, so I want to share some of the top items that I suggest you get if you teach spelling.

⭐️ Wilson Dictation Book

This is my preferred dictation book. The dictation book includes word lists by targeted skill, and it includes real words at a level a and level b along with nonsense words. It also includes high-frequency words in a particular order of difficulty, phrases with high-frequency words, and sentences.

The dictation book is $24.00 and can be purchased here.

⭐️ Letter boards

There are a variety of letter boards you can use. Next week, check back to find out how to have a successful lesson with the letter board. In terms of which ones to buy, there are two that I love. One is the Fundations magnetic letter board, the portfolio can be a little bendy though, along with a cookie sheet or alternate magnetic white board which might be a better choice to hold the magnets.

The other letter board consists of the cardboard letters from Reading with TLC, creator of Lively Letters. Find it HERE.

You can laminate, cut out these letters, and add magnets to them.

For dictation, a student may need a dictation notebook like the one found at the Wilson reading store or use a sheet from “handwriting without tears’.

⭐️ On the student's 👦🏻 side:

They will also need a simple set up with some useful tools such as a pop-it, some cubes, rice, a cross-stitch pattern, or glitter ✨ paper for the raised texture. See, you do have an excuse to go to Target after all. 😉

Be careful about what you provide or suggest to the student because sometimes behavior can get in our way of being successful online, and the more choices the students have, the more likely toys will need to turn into a tool.

Since teachers have so much to buy this time of year, I want to share a 🎁 FREE word card activity/game with you. Click HERE to download your FREE Back-to-School Activity.

Need to know more about teaching multi-sensory spelling online? Come join the webinar August 16th, 7:30-8:30 pm EST. Email me HERE for details.


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