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Top 5 Ways to Use My Favorite Blending Board

Hi, friends! I talk a lot about my favorite document camera (find it here), but I also love another tool that helps me be effective in my teaching. It's the Exqline Blending Board. Here's a link to check it out. Ok, if you go to the link you will see that it's a card holder. So, it's not technically a blending board. But, they really should add it to their description.

You see, I use the Exqline blending board, card holder, as a prop, replacement chart for small office spaces, and for smooth transitions under the document camera 😉. Honestly, I missed my pocket chart when I transitioned to online teaching. It was too bulky, and I needed to find an easier way. I can't say enough about the amount of slats on this holder. There is no need for a pocket chart when you use this holder. It is also completely portable if you're traveling. This week, I'm chatting about my favorite ways to use this blending board.

Letter Card Prop

I rave about the Exqline's ability to hold many cards, but it also has the ability to become a prop. We face many issues when we teach online such as losing control of our classroom and students frustrated with tech. When we use this holder as a prop, it allows us to engage with our students and have on-the-spot teaching moments. This leads to higher student success rates.

Way to Increase Student Engagement

Speaking of engagement, you can use a tapping tool and lift the prop up which makes it even more engaging. Don't be afraid to add a fun tapping tool. For example, look at the ducky I used with one of my students. My student loved this, and it also made it fun for me. As teachers, we love to use wands, flappers, and fun props for in-person learning. We can do the same online! 😊

Keeping Control of Your Lessons

The blending board also helps you maintain control of your lesson. Instead of going to websites where you may need to share remote controls or students have tools on their side, you can have students have a "pop-it" on their side or grab a tapping tool from their home like one of their toys.

Easy Transition During Lessons

Under a document camera, find my favorite one here 😉, use it as a transition. Sometimes, we fumble with building words under the document camera. This works perfectly for organization. You may miss your pocket chart, but it doesn't mean we have to say goodbye to organization. Smooth transitions mean students stay interested.

Build Syllable Cards

The Exqline blending board also is perfect to build multi-syllable words. Show them separated and slide them together or flip one around as each is read as a syllable part. As you can see, you can use this holder for all sizes of cards. You can use any cards whether you are a Wilson teacher, Orton-Gilingham specialist, use fundations, use lively letters, or use my own FREE letter cards that you can find here. 😀

The more I use this card holder, the more uses I find for it. During my coaching calls with teachers, we sometimes practice teaching sessions with this holder. It is such a great tool to keep within arm's reach. I would also love to hear how you use it! Comment below with your uses.

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Have a great week!


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