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My passion is...


My passion is...

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I am a certified Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner, entrepreneur, and coach. I would love to teach your wiggly, struggling readers or help you become a better teacher for your students. Whether online or in-person, I provide helpful tools and strategies to set up with less tech, connect with your student, maintain multi-sensory methods, and engage with quick games and movement. I train teachers to work online successfully by using materials they already have and incorporating engaging low-tech activities. I can't wait to see you in the Zoom Room and help you or your student today!

 So how did Read to Rewire start? 💕👩🏻‍💻

In 2019, I helped homeschool a wiggly floppy-haired student who moved across the country. His parents wanted to continue services, which was the first time I taught online. Oh boy, did I fail! If we got 15 minutes of a lesson, we were all happy. What I realized was that my student was trying to tell me something. He gave me clear messages that he did not want the tech overload. 

This little guy forced me to think outside the box for him and establish a way to teach with less tech while replicating the in-person experience. By the Fall of 2020, my whole practice was online. With the crazy traffic here, online lessons were preferable for everyone. 


So how did I start supporting teachers?                  


Two weeks before the lockdown of Miami schools, a teacher from Macedonia contacted me asking for help. She had to become remote and needed strategies to take her lesson online. So, I helped her, and I continued to help through special webinars (like during teacher appreciation week). I loved holding webinars and sharing a little bit of a silver lining to everything we were experiencing. By the fall of 2020, I started creating free games to help teachers engage students with games and movement. 

Now I love coaching teachers 1:1, holding webinars, and of course, working with wiggly students! 

I hope to meet you in the Zoom Room soon!

👩🏻‍💻💕Michelle Breitenbach, Founder, Read to Rewire, LLC

Education + Experience


I graduated from McGill University in Montreal with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education K-6 and a master’s degree in Teaching Moderate Disabilities (Pre-K-8) from Lesley University. I also hold a Level 1 Wilson certification and a certification in teaching expository writing (EmPower Writing). Training in online education includes assessments with diagnostic tools and implementing assistive technology for students with reading and writing disabilities. I also have experience in special education and as a K-1 educator. 

As I have connected to more teachers and tutors worldwide, I have had the opportunity to speak at multiple events. 

I was invited to speak at the "Climbing the Ladder of Reading Conference" in 2021. I have also been a presenter for Reading with TLC on "Games and Movement in a Structured Literacy Lesson" and "Using the Document Camera Successfully". Over 1500 participants signed up for the Document Camera webinar. It's been so amazing to connect with passionate educators worldwide. I hope I can connect with you next!  

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