I'm Michelle

I help teachers and tutors support struggling readers. 

My passion is...


Hi! I'm Michelle Breitenbach and I am the founder of Read To Rewire LLC.  My goal when creating Read To Rewire LLC was to provide services to children who required specialized, research-based instruction. The company name correlates with the scientific evidence behind how everyone should be taught how to read.  Therefore, if we provide students with appropriate strategies their brains will actually make more connections and "Rewire" by creating new pathways.  Whether, it was online or in-person, I wanted to help children access appropriate support based on their needs.  

After moving from Boston to Miami, FL, it became apparent that children were not able to have access to certified dyslexia practitioners or experienced teachers in their area of need based on location.  As a result, I began researching best online practices in order to support children and families globally.

Currently and prior to the mass closing of schools, I worked  as an online dyslexia practitioner, home school consultant, early literacy interventionist, and private academic evaluator.  Soon after, dyslexia teachers contacted me to help them learn how to teach online while maintaining the principles of OG/Wilson programs.  To this date I have trained close to 1000 teachers globally and supported schools on how to engage and motivate children while teaching online.  I hold interactive workshops to show effective methods and strategies to preserve educational progress.  



As a special educator,  I witnessed the immense progress of students with appropriate research-based instruction.  After I relocated in 2015, I began guiding parents who found it difficult to locate appropriate educational programming  for their child.  I supported parents with their efforts to home school and/or find appropriate reading intervention for their children.



The majority of my teaching experience took place in Sudbury, Massachusetts, where I worked as  special educator.  While working in Sudbury, I provided small group intervention and 1:1 pull-out services (using research-based methods) for students with reading, writing, and math disabilities. Additionally, I  prepared IEPs, conducted Academic Evaluations to help determine eligibility for special education, collected data for progress reports, and facilitated special education meetings.   

My Education


I studied elementary education and graduated from McGill University in Montreal with an undergraduate degree in teaching k-6.  After gaining experience  as a  k-1  teacher in Massachusetts, I attained my  Master’s of Teaching Moderate Disabilities (Pre-K- 8) from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.  In 2009, I focused on reading intervention and attained  my Level 1 Wilson Certification.  During the same year, I became certified  in teaching expository writing (EmPower Writing) for students with executive functioning difficulties.  Additional training in literacy includes:  Wilson Fundations, Lively Letters, Project Read, Framing Your Thoughts, and Four Square.  I have also been part of continued professional development in the areas of online education, social skills (How Does your Engine Run and SuperFlex), Teaching with Manipulavtives, using assessments as a diagnostic tool, and implementing assistive technology for students with a reading or writing disability .