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Top 5 Ways That A Document Camera Can Change Your Lessons

HI friends. This week, let's chat about document cameras and how they can literally transform your lessons. Maybe you've already purchased one or maybe you're on the lookout for one, but this post will give some great tips in features to look for. I also have a free word-card activity for you this week. Keep reading for the link.

Why is a document camera so important? Did you know that it allows you to maintain your lesson with all the materials you would normally use? You can literally roll to your cabinet to grab whatever materials you need and roll back which cuts down your prep time significantly.

When I first started out, I didn’t know that I was using the wrong document camera or that using the right one would literally transform my lesson. I started with the Hue and found a lot of things that frustrated me about its use. I then switched to the InSwan document camera and have never looked back. Next, I'm sharing the reasons why.

1. The InSwan is on a lever-type system which makes it so much easier than the Hue. The Hue has a snake-like neck that makes it difficult to properly demonstrate materials. The Hue's system is also connected via a USB port, and the port can loosen and wiggle. Then, it may freeze and break causing frustration for kids and teachers.

2. Zooming with a click of the button. Besides being able to zoom in by pressing the lever up and down and not worrying about breaking it, you can also zoom in with just a touch of the mouse. By right clicking on the plus button, you can zoom in and your students can see words larger in an instant.

3. Another of my favorites is that this is great for teachable moments when I share the document camera. The InSwan maintains video and audio as well as showing my hands leaving me in more control of the lesson.

4. The InSwan is about $99 and hasn’t broken since I purchased it. My Hue camera broke three times in six months! Each time they would send me a refurbished one which broke as well.

5. Bonus feature: The InSwan has a whiteboard and blackboard that can be easily switched for teachable moments. The kids love the blackboard especially since the colors on it come out fluorescent. It’s a nice little change from doing activities on the basic whiteboard.

I hope these reasons why I love the InSwan document camera encourages you to learn more about it. Click HERE to read more. Let me know if you have any questions and if you have an even better camera that you use! I always love to hear about your recommendations. Thanks for the reading the blog this week! Here is the link for the free "Fall Treats" Word Card Activity.

Join me November 11 for my free webinar on an introduction to using a document camera. There will be a morning session at 8 AM EST and an afternoon session at 12 PM EST. Sign up HERE for the morning session or HERE for the afternoon session. I hope to see all of you there!

Have a great week!


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