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Top 3 Things Online Tutors Should Purchase

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I often get asked, "If I can only buy three things as an online tutor starting out, what should I buy/invest in?", and, "What could transform my lesson and lead me to success?" This week, I'm sharing my answers to these questions.

Do you remember just starting off in your classroom? You got out of college; you were so excited to buy things for your classroom that you bought things to decorate like colorful markers. If you were like me, you bought books to get you started. At first, it’s really exciting to shop, but then you soon realize that it starts to add up.

It’s the same thing when we pop into the online space. Maybe some of you have invested in website subscriptions or an extra monitor or the best headphones you could find. This week, I’m breaking down the top three things that I purchased that transformed my lessons as an online teacher.👏 It took a lot of trial and error but if I had to start all over again, these are the three things that would be on my desk. The best part is, I’ve included links to these products and other resources in the free checklist that you can download to get started.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Why I love it so 🥰

Microsoft Surface Pro is both a laptop and a tablet. What makes it unique is that you can write on the screen. I also can maintain video while sharing my screen. It's wonderful to have the stylus in my hand and be able to have teachable moments so quickly!

The Microsoft Surface Pro has a USB port to connect the document camera, and they’re always attached together ready to work with the next student. I know a lot of you are Apple lovers, probably out there on your Mac computers, but please consider this item if you are going to be doing this for your career. Think about how the Surface Pro will transform your lessons. I got my first Surface Pro on Black Friday in 2019, and I happily switched devices with my mom. On that day, I said goodbye to an Apple laptop and hello to the Surface Pro. It was also the day I started my online tutoring journey.

InSwan Document Camera

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know how much I love the InSwan Document Camera. The InSwan has all the features you need to take your own materials online. I used to have a huge document camera, but it broke several times. If you want to learn more about the document camera, click on this link to this blog. So far, I don’t have anything negative to say about this document camera! It even stores in your purse when you’re traveling on summer vacation ⛱.

Exqline Card Holder

This surprised me, but it is the best prop you can have if you’re working online. It’s a card holder for people that can’t hold their cards, like kids, but it works perfectly as a blending board even in person. You can prepare your whole lesson and get your words ready before the student even signs on. It works as an organizational tool and a tool of engagement!

Every single lesson, I use each one of these tools. They’ve really enabled me to have engaging, fun lessons 🕺🏻 that replicate the in-person experience. That is my goal, to teach you how to replicate the in-person experience without all the technology.

If you are a dyslexia therapist excited about starting an online tutoring business. come join me at the next free event "From Overwhelmed to at Ease" reply back, "OG Tutor" for a free ticket! I hope this post guides you when you are ready to invest. Here's the list of resources with links for you to keep handy. Click here to download.

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Michelle, I tutor using a larger flat screen television for my monitor (I also do landscape design...thus the large screen). I teach using Barton and utilize Barton through Whizzimo on Zoom. I love the idea of a touch screen. Wondering if I could connect a Surface Pro to my television via an HDM Cable and still have a large screen to utilize?

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