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How to Organize Your Teaching Space, Part 1

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Having a small, or mobile, teaching space doesn’t have to be a problem. Just like anything else in life, systems make it successful. So, for the next two blogs, I’m taking you behind the scenes for some tips for an organized office. Remember, when we are online, we want everything to be within a reachable distance.

Teaching becomes a lot different when you get online because if you break the gaze with a student or step away from the screen too long because you’re looking for something or struggling to find the perfect document, you lose the student. It’s like the ultimate staring contest; don’t break eye contact.

So, what’s the perfect set up for online? This week, I’m sharing a sneak peek of my office space. What’s in my drawers? What’s behind the cabinet? What works to keep everything within arm’s reach? I’m sharing what can be made, bought, and things you hadn’t even thought about that can transform your lesson. Let’s get started.

Behind the Scenes of My Teaching Space

Side Table

It may seem insignificant and that a desk is enough, and it can be, but I started using a side table because I didn’t want to spill water on my computer. That’s always a bad scene. Your side table can be really helpful to hold a snack or keep a binder close by to monitor data. Everybody loves their coffee, and this side table will keep it close by. 😉

Accordion Game File Folder

OK, you know how much I love my games, and board games are so easy to print whether you get them from your favorite teacher store, freebies from me, or you have your own. Print them on card stock, and then add to the accordion folder. You can categorize them by themes or the letter pattern you are working on. This week’s game share is a fun, Spring-themed game. Grab it HERE!

Michael’s Containers

I’ve gotten so many questions about this Michael’s container. It was very hard to say goodbye to my pocket chart, but it was unrealistic to have it in my online space. This Michael’s container has helped organize my sound and word cards. It is adjustable so that any sound cards will fit! You can also easily put it into a drawer or on a shelf for storage.


I love big, colorful baskets that you can store your materials in. You can grab the baskets and put them on the floor or near your desk to have your materials close by for a particular student. When it’s time to finish, you can just put it on the shelf, and you have a pretty display item.

Shelving with Doors

Shelving is always important to keep your binders, books, and resources in order. However, let’s face it, we’re teachers who have a lot of things to organize, and things can get out of order pretty quickly. If I was looking for more shelving, I would look for some with doors so you can cover things up especially if you’re sharing a space with someone else. Seeing kids in person is also another reason for doors. They can be curious, and we don’t want all of our materials scattered across this space. It also helps make your space a multi-purpose room.

Sweater Holders

I really wanted each student to have a cubby, but I just didn’t have the wooden tools to build a set of cubbies, so I found that sweater hangers from Target or Home Goods were great. They can hang in the closet, and each student can have their own cubby that you can go over to right before you jump online. Everything is ready, and you can keep all materials in their part of the sweater holder. You can also use pop-up containers for inside of the cubby.

I hope you find some of these tips helpful. Preparing our space ahead of time is the one of the first steps we need to do for success.

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Hi, I'm sorry they couldn't find it. Here is the link to it on the Michael's site.

Thank you for reading the blog!

Kimberley Cobb
Kimberley Cobb
Mar 14, 2022
Replying to

Oh my goodness I’m so happy you replied!! I was NOT looking for a three part system. I probably wasn’t looking in the right spot!! I’m headed back !❤️👍


Kimberley Cobb
Kimberley Cobb
Mar 12, 2022

WAAA! I can't find that caddie at Michaels. No one there recognized it... will keep looking. Thanks for the tips!!

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