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Interactive Workshops

Witness the teaching, take the Power Point to go


Teaching Reading Online-Multi-Sensory Approach: Executing lesson and  Scope and Sequence, technology to use, suggested no-prep Materials, and how to make an online lesson multi-sensory.  

Tips for Managing Behavior on Online: 

This is one of the most overlooked class, but most needed! Provide tips  for working with students with ADHD, behavior difficulties, and lack of motivation.  Trained in "How does my Engine Run" and "Super Flex Kids"  

Teaching Spelling Online: The Multi-Sensory Approaach- Tips for teaching  spelling and handwriting. From minimal technology , no frills to all the bells and whistles for each device.  Additionally, how to monitor kids from their side!

New:   Teaching Early Literacy Online:  OG, Wilson Fundations, Handwritng without Tears, Behavior Tips, Movements, Games, and more!!


Engaging Students with Games:  From no frills to ultimate technology.   OG/ Wilson Based-Games on a shoe string budget. Keeping students engaged while online. 

Help! My Students have Chromebooks:

Let me trouble shoot with you and show how students can have interactive and engaging lessons with various technology.

(by request, minimum 4)