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My name is Michelle and I am a certified Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner and Teacher Trainer.  I specialize in teaching struggling readers and kids with ADHD.  Additionally, I train teachers on how to work online successfully by using materials they already have and increasing engaging activities. I  have used a specific 5 part formula to reach all learners online or in-person. 


1. Form a strong connection and repair a           student's confidence level          


2.  Implement sequential, systematic, research-based, phonetic instruction

3 .  Engage with games and optimize creative outlets

4.  Motivate with movement


5.  Maintain multi-sensory methods 

Welcome to Read to Rewire

Thank you for visiting Read to Rewire was founded in January 2019 on two principles. The main principle was that with appropriate intervention and instruction that supports the science of reading, one would be able to “rewire “or create new pathways to have a positive effect on a struggling reader’s brain. This specialized, research -based teaching involved direct and explicit, structured, multi-sensory, and sequential instruction using Orton Gillingham /Wilson Reading Programs with a trained instructor. 


The second founding principle was that students with dyslexia could be taught online successfully, despite their geographic location.  I believed that no matter the distance or circumstances, children with dyslexia deserved appropriate access to proper intervention. My approach to online teaching preserves each component of the research-based instruction that is essential for students with dyslexia.  My methods maintain the guiding principles of the programs, while replicating the success of the in-person experience. I focus on the core relationship with the child and customize lessons to their needs, with a emphasis on minimizing technology and maximizing engagement.  

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Teacher training! Witness the teaching, take the power point to go. Learn how to minimize tech and maximize engagement when online

Private Tutoring 

Motivating, multi-sensory, engaging, online lessons that preserve student- teacher connection and replicate in-person experience.

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My son just started second grade and has  struggled with reading and spelling, plus other skill sets for the last few years. He does have an IEP at school but the results are very slow. It is amazing how quickly Michelle was able to get him making progress plus build his self-confidence in a short time (a few months). He stays completely focused during these online tutoring sessions which is shocking for a young boy. I would highly recommend Michelle without blinking an eye. 

Michelle is an incredible tutor. She’s had such a positive impact on my son. He went from barely knowing his letter sounds to reading in a half grade above his level, because of Michelle. My son always enjoys his sessions with Michelle, because she makes it fun, and she knows how to motivate him. Because of her, my son has the gained confidence he needs to be successful in school. Michelle has a true gift, and I highly recommend her.


With all of the recorded videos and webinars available these days (most of which I eventually tune out after the beginning), I was hesitant to sign up. What makes Michelle's different is that it's live and interactive as well as super helpful, starting with the simplest ways to make virtual teaching/tutoring engaging and only then moving on to the fanciest, high-tech ways. She also included troubleshooting on how to conceal computer glitches from students! Absolutely worthwhile--and a fantastic deal for the price! I will be signing up for her others!




I offer a variety of engaging 1:1 tutoring services online. On-line, interactive, and engaging lessons are offered for students (k-5) who require support in early literacy, specialized instruction in Wilson Reading/Orton Gillingham program, or need  strategies in the area of writing. I also work as a private contractor to support children virtually while they are in their school setting.

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As an experienced special educator, I suggest appropriate intervention,resources, conduct private evaluations and provide home school support and consultations. Additionally, I provide workshops for parents to support early literacy and early math learning within their homes. Workshops can be in -person or held virtually.

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I provide 1:1 and small group workshops to support teachers learning to teach remotely.    The goal of my workshop is not to just provide information, but to let a trainee experience  a lesson as a student.  I share free resources, show ways to save prep time, and enable  you with all you need to know to have successful, engaging lessons, without technological mishaps 

The workshops were created  from the point of view of a special educator, realizing that teachers were being thrown into an unfamiliar world.   I wanted to offer my guidance, give tips to prevent some fails / setbacks that I went through, and be an online mentor with specialized instruction to help teachers/tutors on this journey.