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Three Places To List Your Tutoring Services

When we first start out as a tutor, we are scrambling to find any position we can to help our tutoring business stay afloat. Sometimes, we think about using social media but the overwhelm is real. Maybe having security with a company seems like a good move. I’ve been there when I first left teaching and moved to Florida. I joined a company which I thought was my perfect answer only later to find out they were charging parents 1000s of dollars to secure a tutor, yet my payment was minimal.

Not only that, but I was traveling by Uber 20 min each way and even buying my students chips from the university vending machine. I’m not going to lie, I barely walked away with $20 for two hours of my time. It took me a while to realize there was a better way 👏 and that this company wasn’t a good fit. This week, the group coaching call is all about ways to find your clients so I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek about job seeking.

Here are three platforms you can place your profile, and your hourly wage will not be affected! So you see, you CAN work independently of a company. Want to see how to teach online or find a job? Sign up for small group coaching Saturday mornings or Wednesday evenings. These last two sessions are the last ones at the introductory price of $97 for four sessions of coaching. Of course it's recorded 😉 and you'll have access to all of them even if you sign up after the sessions begin. I'd love to see you there.

Your Tutor Profile

My first recommendation is to write a shell profile that can be shared on multiple platforms. Save it as a Google doc to edit as needed. You also want to get your reviews saved as a Google doc as well. Don’t forget the photos!! We are a visual society and parents want to see and not just hear about what we do; they need to envision it. Making a mock video would be even better.

Now as you get your profile ready and your online teaching skills are improving, here are three places you may want to post your profile and the pros of each place.

3 Sites To Advertise Your Tutoring Services

  1. - charges a monthly fee of around $20. It’s free to get started. You have the option of adding photos and/or a video. You can also search up to 50 miles in range. Parents trust the site because they can run background checks to see if you are a safe provider.

  2. With certification as a dyslexia practitioner and reviews, you will stand out among other tutors. It allows you to include links in messages like links to your website etc. It is also more focused on online support. You pay per lead, however if someone does not open your message because they disagree on your price, etc., your money is returned to your personal bank which preps you to seek out another lead.

  3. is similar to as in you have to pay a certain amount to keep a bank and you pay a small service fee, under 5 dollars, to be able to contact leads. is a place for all kind of services, think construction, house cleaners, etc. Most are able to find an online tutoring job highly rated by users, hours, and pay requirements. Scheduling and planning is all in your control.

Once you have your shell profile written, it’s easy to list on any of these platforms. Just add some photos, and your good to go! 😃 If you need more info on what you need to be a successful online teacher, and maybe what should be on your wish list, head to THIS BLOG.

Keep teaching wherever you want and how the kids love to learn!!


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