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Private Services


Wilson Reading 






Michelle is always looking for new ways to help her students to improve. She adapts to your child special way of learning and makes changes whenever need it. She always has what is in the best interest of the child that she is tutoring.


Michelle has been a reading tutor for my son for about a year. She’s extremely talented in this respect. She is punctual, my child loves her, and she is thriving in his reading skills. This has been a major factor in his success in reading.


Our family loves Michelle! She has a lot of experience as an educator and it shows in each and every session. She is very caring and has so many effective and fun teaching ways! My daughter always looks forward to seeing her. I also love how organized she is-specially her progress reports. We’ve truly seen tons of progress since we started with her. Highly recommend Michelle as a tutor!

Tutoring, Evaluations, and Home School Support

Distance learning online education. A sc

Tutoring children is challenging, especially when working online. As a special educator, I have realized that sets the foundation for a successful learning experience. I  engage students fully with a multi-sensory approach. My first step when working with a child is to get to know them personally. I focus on providing students with research-based intervention, long-lasting strategies, and resources. Additionally, through building a connection, I work to improve self-esteem and self-confidence in all areas.  

If you are interested in tutoring sessions,  academic assessments, or home school support in the areas of early literacy, Wilson Reading Program, or writing, please contact me to set up a phone consult to find out  how I can help! 

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